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MarketsToday.net® is an online financial portal covering eight Middle East stock markets plus Forex, published in both Arabic and English. The site was created by a team of traders, analysts and business professionals with careful thought given to the end-user experience. Design consideration focused on usability, site navigation, functionality and visualization, among other items. The result is an attractive user interface, intuitive site navigation, and innovative website display.

This portal is designed to help keep investors and traders up-to-date with the latest news, quotes, performance trends, and market developments in the Middle East stock markets. Please see features summary below for further details on what MarketsToday.net® has to offer.

You are currently looking at the Beta version of MarketsToday®. We will continue to enhance the site with additional market tools, site features and display enhancements.

We welcome and encourage user feedback. Please contact our team at info@marketstoday.net

MarketsToday® was created by WideVision FZCO, a business consulting and technology company based in Dubai Silicon Oasis, which provides corporate and management services, including corporate and incorporation services for the UAE, UK and Isle of Man, as well IT services such as IT setup, web development, and ecommerce solutions.

Summary of
key site features

Middle East Stock Markets

Eight exchanges are covered with over 900 companies, from Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Jordan.

Standard Functionality

Great care was put into site design and functionality to ensure an attractive user interface and efficient browsing experience. Standard features include column sorting for tables and lists, rollover pop up charts, scrolling zoom on charts, and many other user friendly features.


These days Forex trading is more popular than ever before among many Middle East investors. Quotes, charts and technical analysis for major currency pairs of the U.S. Dollar (USD) and British Pound (GBP) are featured, plus a Middle East cross currency matrix, along with charts for other currencies.


Quotes and performance history are displayed throughout the site in a format that makes viewing easy. Prices are on a 15-minute delayed feed, with the last five visited company quotes auto displayed for user ease.

Tables & Lists

User friendly lists of market indices, sector indices, and all listed companies are integrated into the site. This makes it quick and easy to review current and historical performance, long and short-term support and resistance levels, as well as key technical indicators. In addition, rollover pop up charts on most lists provide an immediate visual reference.


Important financial and business news, as it relates to public companies, sectors and markets, is filtered and presented from multiple news providers in the region.

Community / Forum

MarketsToday is building an engaging and vibrant community of regional and international market experts, active traders and investors in line with the latest social networking trends, all together in one central online location. Share your thoughts and ideas on stocks and markets, ask questions, and seek feedback from those with either similar or alternative viewpoints.


Access the latest analysis from MarketsToday’s team of technical experts, highlighting trend analysis, stock and market technical patterns, key setups, along with other crucial price-based developments sought after by investors and traders. Outside expert commentary and analysis is also included to help provide a variety of perspectives.

Advanced Charting

A high performance fully interactive charting engine is deployed within the site for financial charting and technical analysis. The charting application includes a library of 10 key technical indicators, plus drawing and annotation tools such as trend lines, Fibonacci, and measuring lines.

Technical Analysis

Major technical indicators, such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI and Parabolic SAR, are available in the advanced charting application. Each market and stock includes a summary of current signals from selected technical studies for quick viewing.

Chart Voyeur View

Quickly identify trends, performance and opportunities by viewing multiple charts on one page. This visualization tool allows for a quick review of multiple stocks segmented by market, sector or index.

Rollover Pop Up Charts

While scanning stock performance tables you can now easily visually scan charts at the same time for patterns and trends. When moving the cursor over a symbol or company name a chart along with performance summary is viewed.

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