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19-Oct-2015 Sahara Petrochemical Co. NCB Capital 13.1 Neutral View
19-Oct-2015 Hail Cement Company Saudi Fransi Capital 19 Hold View
19-Oct-2015 Saudi Basic Industries Saudi Fransi Capital 105 Buy View
19-Oct-2015 Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Al Jazira Capital 12.8 Overweight View
19-Oct-2015 Yanbu National Al Jazira Capital 48.3 Neutral View
19-Oct-2015 City Cement Company Al Jazira Capital 22.1 Overweight View
19-Oct-2015 Southern Province Cement Al Jazira Capital 101.4 Overweight View
19-Oct-2015 Saudi Arabian Fertilizers NCB Capital 93.7 Neutral View
18-Oct-2015 Saudi Cement Co. Saudi Fransi Capital 86 Hold View
18-Oct-2015 Saudi Cement Co. NCB Capital 89.1 Neutral View
18-Oct-2015 Saudi Kayan Petrochemical NCB Capital 8.1 Neutral View
18-Oct-2015 Yanbu National NCB Capital 48 Neutral View
18-Oct-2015 Yanbu National Saudi Fransi Capital 56 Buy View
18-Oct-2015 City Cement Company Saudi Fransi Capital 21 Hold View
18-Oct-2015 Saudi Real Estate Co. NCB Capital 39.9 Neutral View
14-Oct-2015 Almarai Company Al Jazira Capital 81.3 Neutral View
12-Oct-2015 The Qassim Cement Co. Al Jazira Capital 98.9 Overweight View
11-Oct-2015 Almarai Company Saudi Fransi Capital 102 Buy View
11-Oct-2015 Almarai Company NCB Capital 83.3 Neutral View
11-Oct-2015 The Qassim Cement Co. Saudi Fransi Capital 110 Buy View
11-Oct-2015 National Agricultural Saudi Fransi Capital 36 Hold View
11-Oct-2015 Jazeera Airways Global Investment House 600 Strong Buy View
08-Oct-2015 First Abu Dhabi Bank Global Investment House 11.51 Strong Buy View
04-Oct-2015 Saudi International Al Rajhi Capital 24.1 Overweight View
04-Oct-2015 Saudi Arabian Fertilizers Al Rajhi Capital 101.9 Neutral View


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