Published: Aug 12, 2014
Source: Tadawul


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Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Company announces the opening of nominations for membership to the Board of Directors, for the next session.

Aldrees Petroleum & Transport Services (Aldrees) is pleased to announce to its shareholders the nomination selection for membership to the Board of Directors for the next session, which starts from 12/22/2014G., for a period of three years. The nomination applications to be submitted to The Nomination and Governance Committee at the Head Office of the company in Riyadh at the address below not later than the end of business on Thursday, 25/10/1435H corresponding to 08/21/2014G. In accordance with the regulations contained in a circular of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry No. 222/9362/3245, dated on 18/06/1412H, and the Regulation on Corporate Governance issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA), and the criteria for membership of the Board of Directors approved by the General Assembly of the company, the following must contain the nominations application.

1-The application must include a detailed biography of the candidates, qualifications and professional experience in the field of the company's business.

2- The candidate who previously served as a Board Member from companies listed in Tadawul, must include the dates and years when he served; from current to previous membership.

3-List or details of companies or industries that the nominee works, or manages, or owns, attesting that the business activities similar to the companys business.

4-If the candidate has already served as a Board Member of Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co. (Aldrees) he must secure and attach a certificate from the company detailing his Board Membership with the following information:

A)The number of board meetings that took place each year of the session; the number of meetings, the number of meetings attended, and the corresponding percentage of attendance.

B)All Committees where he is a member, the number of meetings for each committee he attended during the session period.

C) A summary of the financial results achieved by the company during each year of the session.

5-The voting will be only in the General Assembly of the nominees in accordance with the regulations as per the circulating Ministry of Commerce and Industry (above).

6-Attach an I.D photocopy and the means of contact of the candidates.

7-Must fill the Disclosure Form No. (3) of the Capital Market Authority and attach it with the candidacy application (CMA). Kindly send applications and attachments to the address of the Nomination and Governance Committee: P.O Box 609 Riyadh 11421 Fax No. 0112366666 email: The date of General Assembly to be advised later, along with the Agenda after taking the approval from the concerned Authorities. 

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